CE Renewal Cycle

The CompTIA certification renewal cycle is ​three years from your certification date. You can keep your CompTIA CE certifications current by renewing them within those three years.

See how to renew your certification.

Renewal Cycle

Your Continuing Education (CE) renewal cycle is ​three years from the date you earned your certification. In the example below, you will need to renew your certification by January 15, 2018, if you passed your exam on January 15, 2015. We recommend that you become familiar with the CE Program requirements early in your renewal cycle to ensure to ensure you'll keep your certification current, without the need to retest.



  • Get familiar with the certification renewal requirements.
  • Review CE activity types.
  • Pay annual CE fee.
  • Upload any CEUs earned.


  • Have a plan for earning CEUs.
  • Track your renewal progress.
  • Pay annual CE fee.
  • Upload any CEUs earned.


  • Ensure your final CEU activities are scheduled.
  • Track your renewal progress.
  • CE fees must be paid in full.
  • Upload any remaining CEUs.


  • When you have met all renewal requirements, your certification renews and will be valid for three more years; until January 15, 2021 in this example.


Renewal timing: Get an early start

Even though you have three years to renew your certification, we encourage you to learn about the CE Program early on. Browse our CE pages to become familiar with the program and its requirements. The earlier you become familiar with the CE Program requirements, the easier it will be for you to renew your certification(s).

If you have questions, check out our ​Help pages.