As an educator, you understand the vital role you play in preparing your students to thrive in their careers. The technical education you deliver, along with industry-recognized CompTIA certifications, provides your students the foundation they need for a successful career in IT.

High Schools

When young adults begin considering their plans for an IT career, you can help them understand the benefits that certifications provide. Not only can you help them potentially earn college credit, but you’ll teach and validate essential knowledge that is critical for their education and career.

Colleges and Universities

IT certifications validate the knowledge students acquire through college and university coursework. Employers expect new hires to be able to prove their skills. CompTIA certifications provide the necessary documentation and establish a foundation for a successful career in IT.

Professional Training Centers

The explosive growth of IT jobs encourages many working professionals to either switch to an IT career or accelerate their current IT career. Professional training centers are essential in helping these individuals take the next step and elevate their career.

CompTIA Instructor Network

Connect and collaborate with CompTIA and other IT instructors worldwide in the new CompTIA Instructor Network (CIN). Being a part of this community provides you access to free resources and tools to help you be a proficient CompTIA certification trainer.