IT Drives Our Global Economy

Despite their differences on the surface, virtually every industry today depends on IT. From small, family-run businesses to big corporations, there are IT careers for students in almost every organization around the globe.

CompTIA certifications can launch your career and keep you on a growing path. Hear for yourself why other students got certified and why they find their credentials to be an essential part of their career success.

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There’s a Career in IT That’s Right For You

Our digital world is expanding so quickly that it’s creating IT jobs and openings faster than the right people can be found to fill them. ​ estimates that there are almost 2,000,000 unfilled IT jobs globally in a variety of industries. Which IT career path is right for you? Find out which direction matches your interests with our Certification Roadmap.

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What Does it Take?

Let’s talk real life. What do IT professionals do every day? How do they succeed? Join us ​on a Test Drive: Meet ​Rob and other IT pros ​and learn what makes their IT careers special and rewarding.

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It Pays to Be in IT

Besides having low unemployment levels, IT jobs pay well with salaries that are significantly higher than the national average. The outlook is good, too: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the availability of IT jobs is projected to grow by 17% through 2022.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

A CompTIA certification gets you ahead of the crowd immediately: Not only can you count on the skills you earned, you also validate your knowledge. Having a certification in your hand boosts your resume and is an increasingly compelling credential when you’re applying for a job. ​Certified IT respondents are more likely to hold CompTIA certifications than any other.

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Get Into IT

There’s a lot to consider when you’re planning your future and a career in IT. Get a deeper understanding of what IT is, what it involves and the vast array of industries that IT careers touch.

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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Begin your journey in IT with a certification from CompTIA. Whether you're new to IT or already have experience with computer technologies, CompTIA is your place to start and advance an IT career.

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5 Reasons Why Employers Look for IT Certifications

Let’s face it; landing that dream job is what it’s all about. So what’s important to employers? Certifications. CompTIA spoke with over 400 companies to get the inside scoop on why employers look for IT certifications when hiring for open positions. Here are the main reasons why.

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"I love my job!"

That’s what we hear again and again from IT professionals. In our new Pathways Magazine, six individuals tell how they got started and where they are today.

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